Building Management System


BMS refers to integrated management of all the technological functions of a building or complex, including physical security and access control, safety, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), fire detection and suppression, lighting, intelligent elevators, preventive maintenance and reporting.

PcVue Solutions ensures continuous monitoring and control of those functions. The history of these systems has meant that different manufacturers’ control systems need to be connected together. Not only are common electrical standards required, but also a common communication language (protocol).

PcVue Solutions provide specialized solutions for the building automation industry, giving management and environmental control in remote monitoring and control systems. It integrates climate control, lighting and other controllable kinds of devices, in single or multiple sites, thus creating an enterprise-wide monitoring and control system. We provide safe, cost-effective and reliable control. We are scalable to fit any size of building, a complex of buildings or even a large integrated facility.

Our strenghts in BMS

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